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in Italian, English and German for the provinces of Turin and Cuneo.

tourist guide services:

  • Museums in the cities and provinces of Turin and Cuneo;
  • Guided tours by bus and on foot in Turin and the towns in the surrounding area;
  • Guided tours by bus and on foot in Cuneo and the towns in the province;
  • Guided tours of the Savoy residences in the provinces of Turin and Cuneo (such as the Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, Castello di Rivoli, Reggia della Venaria, Castello di Racconigi, Agliè and more);
  • Itineraries in the hills of the Canavese, Langhe and Monferrato areas, and the Susa and Cuneo valleys;
  • Guided tours of other museums and historic buildings in the provinces of Turin and Cuneo.

Guided theme tours for adults and school groups can also be arranged:

Turin and the Province:Cuneo and the Province:
  • Roman Turin;
  • Medieval Turin;
  • Baroque Turin;
  • Churches and the religious tradition;
  • Historic cafés in the province of Turin;
  • Tours and tastings at an artisanal chocolate producer;
  • Castles and residences in the Cuneo area
  • Itinerary on the art history and artists who worked in the Cuneo area
  • "Truffle hunting" and tasting itinerary
  • Tastings of typical Cuneo products
  • Theme tours and specific itineraries as requested by customers

Educational theme tours can be arranged as well as those listed for schools, aimed at discovering unique aspects for educational purposes or to illustrate the different historical periods of the cities in the provinces of Turin and Cuneo

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